OpenRIA Project

Draft-by: Max J. Tsai

Last updated: 02-24-2005

Project Details(pdf)


Project description:

This project is aimed to create a Rich Internet Applications Presentation platform for multimedia presentations and collaborations based on the "Build on Demand" Mechanism.



Project Description:


License: GNU General Public License (GPL)

Operating System: OS Independent

Programming Language: Java, JavaScript, JSP, and ActionScript

Database Environment: JDBC, XML-based

User Interface: Web-based
Platform: Tomcat (JSP/Servlet), Laszlo Platform


System Architecture:


OpenRIA is implemented under Tomcat as a Servlet/JSP application. There are three major components:


1. Presentation Material Repository

A WebDAV based repository system enables authors to drag and drop presentation materials into pre-defined directory structure. There is no additional configuration required for basic presentations. There will be options for authors to select presentation templates, components, i.e. chat, and viewer access control.


2. Build-On-Demand

The BoD (Build-On-Demand) is the main component that accepts viewer's requests and exams the presentation materials. If new material gets updated, it will build a new Laszlo based RIA source file and publish it to update the existing presentation.


3. Laszlo Presentation Platform


The final presentations are in Rich Internet Application format and delivered through Laszlo platform. All presentations will be delivered through a dashboard template framework with the options of enabling desired elements. A viewer access control mechanism will be designed to be configurable by the authors.


Interface Design


A dashboard like interface combines multiple multimedia presentations, optional collaborative interaction, and control panels.


Access Control


A CAS (server) module is included with the application as the default authentication method. External authentication, i.e. LDAP or database is implemented through CAS without needing code change.